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Versatile Blogger 2

June 16, 2011

The incomparable John Wiswell was kind enough to bestow this award on me. The rules are that you must name 7 interesting facts about yourself and then pass the award along to other bloggers.

I received this award last year (click here for original post) and I told John I’d run out of interesting things to say about myself, but he insisted that I owed him an acceptance speech so I made him help choose the items. If they’re too boring, it’s all his fault and no reflection on me and my boring life.

1. I’m a Pisces who has panic attacks in open water. I can swim and I do okay in a pool, but lakes and the ocean….not for me. Carlos took me on a cruise to Mexico and we stopped in Cabo. We hired a boat to go snorkeling and I was in the water all of 60 seconds before my lungs stopped working and my heart was beating out of my chest. I hadn’t even put the snorkel in my mouth yet. Needless to say, I watched him snorkel from the safety of the boat.

2. Both of my parents are ordained ministers. Oddly enough, they’re divorced and now both working in real estate, although my dad still preaches at a small church as well.

3. I have been in a dozen car accidents while behind the wheel. But they weren’t my fault! Well, not all of them. The worst of which happened while I was driving my boss home from work. He also happened to be my husband’s uncle. I slammed my 1965 Mustang into the rear end of a construction truck with a tow hitch that tore through my radiator and into the engine block.  Thankfully, I’ve never been injured.

4. I can mouse with equal speed with both my left and right hand. No, I’m not ambidextrous. I have tendonitis in both wrists and have to constantly switch the mouse back and forth.

5. I used to sing “Amazing Grace” to put my daughter to sleep because it’s long and slow and I hate lullabies.

6. I had Freddy Krueger nightmares until I was 25. I watched way too many scary movies as a kid. Movies like The Exorcist and The Shining don’t go over well with kids who have active imaginations. Not to mention we actually lived on Elm Street in Oklahoma when the first Freddy movie came out.

7. I was in a cologne commercial. When I was young I wanted to be an actress. We moved to California when I was 14 and my parents signed me up with an agency. I got head shots, took a commercial acting class, and went to Hollywood auditions. It was horrible. The one job I got was for a Drakkar Noir commercial. They had 100 of us in school girl outfits mobbing a limo with a male model inside. I got $150.00, but decided it wasn’t for me.

So thank you, Sir John for the honor of this award which I now pass on to the following fabulous bloggers:

Icy Sedgwick – She writes about everything from grave robbers to stuffed animals and from ghosts to robots. She has amazing descriptions that pull you into the story regardless of theme or genre.

Adam Byatt – One of my favorite story tellers whether it’s about a kid getting lost in the crowd at school or grown men puking up kebabs and beer. I always fight to find my favorite line in his works because they’re are just so many brilliant turns of phrase.

Julie Particka/Seleste de Laney – Be it steampunk, urban fantasy, dystopian, romance, or YA, Sel’s sharp writing and strong characters bring every story to life. Not to mention, she’s a damn good critique partner. #RebelsRule

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  1. June 16, 2011 7:05 AM

    I don’t like open water either- no panic attacks but I prefer it if I can see the bottom! All very interesting facts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ian O'Neill permalink
    June 16, 2011 7:48 AM

    So often social networking keeps us at a distance and you’ve tried to close the gap. Brave of you to share. Thanks.

  3. June 16, 2011 8:29 AM

    Danni hates magic, lullabies, fun. More as this story develops!

  4. June 16, 2011 11:38 AM

    Wow! Remind me never to ride in a vehicle with you. And these turned out awesome, BTW. You had an acting career? Impressive!

    And bonus points for using “mouse” as a verb. +10 🙂

  5. henriettamaddox permalink
    June 16, 2011 11:59 AM

    Really enjoyed this post. 🙂

  6. June 16, 2011 12:34 PM

    And Freddy Krugger was my first crush!!

    Great post, Danni:)

  7. June 16, 2011 1:50 PM

    LOL, you think you got the nightmares bad. My other half was watching Video Nasties at the age of 8. (Her Dad was a huge horror fan.) So rather than the sweet films like ET or Raiders, D was watching Dawn of the Dead, or The Beyond, Basketcase, Superstition,

  8. June 17, 2011 4:28 PM

    You’re awesome!

  9. DianeG permalink
    June 18, 2011 7:27 AM

    The info about your parents gave me a chuckle. I might have known you’re a P.K. (preacher’s kid) LOL!

  10. June 18, 2011 7:13 PM

    I really loved this post, good reminder that we aren’t just writers, we’re people too! 🙂

  11. June 19, 2011 3:55 PM

    Congrats on the award, Dani! It’s an honor to have it bestowed by Mr. Ogre there. 🙂

    I too have had many nightmares because of horror movies. Hate’em.

  12. July 7, 2011 9:57 PM

    I like this post. Entertaining and gives a glimpse of the girl behind the stories.


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